Westhampton Beach High School Touts Three Published Authors

Jack Schultz, Griffin Scheurer, and Carter Padavan thumbnail224605
Westhampton Beach High School senior Jack Schultz and Class of 2022 alumnus Griffin Scheurer recently co-wrote a paper that was published in a respectable scientific journal, while senior Carter Padavan had an article printed in a popular automotive magazine.

Scheurer, who studies animal sciences at Arizona State College, paired up with Schultz to begin working on their paper seven months prior to it being accepted and published by MethodsX. According to the website www.sciencedirect.com, MethodsX is “a multidisciplinary, open access, peer-reviewed journal which publishes detailed but digestible articles that describe methodological advances.”

The duo’s paper lays out methodology for dissolution of sediment and calcareous deposits for paleontological specimen collection and identification. They were inspired to conduct research and write the paper following dinosaur dig trips they took to Wyoming and Montana as part of the Westhampton Beach School District’s paleontology program.

“It’s pretty incredible to be published as a high school student,” said Schultz. “It was interesting to learn about the publication process.”

Aside from his dinosaur fossil research, Schultz, who aims to study molecular biochemistry in college, is also working with leading scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory as part of the lab’s Student Partnerships for Advanced Research and Knowledge program. His research focuses on the elemental analysis of kelp to see if climate change has an effect on higher carbon dioxide levels.

Also performing research over the summer was Padavan, whose article, “Will Electric Vehicles Affect Independent Auto Body and Repair Shops,” was published in the September issue of the Long Island Auto Body Repairmen’s Association. Padavan said his article was inspired by his research on electric cars that he conducted for an AP Research class that he took as a junior.

“I was very interested in learning more about electric vehicles,” he said.

Padavan, who said he was thrilled to be published, intends to continue to study electric vehicles and apply his knowledge in college, where he plans to study business and technology.

When not conducting research, Padavan participates in his school’s Youth to Youth Club.

Date Added: 9/21/2022