Making Positive Changes

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To culminate a unit of study on the topic, eighth grade Earth Science students at Westhampton Beach Middle School created public service announcements to educate community members about the effects of climate change.

“Climate change is a significant topic within the Earth Science curriculum, though we extend it past the standards,” said teacher Greg Izzo.

Izzo, along with fellow teacher Laurie Ardito, embedded the climate change PSA project within the coursework to show students that they have the power and the voice to effect positive change.

After conducting significant research, the students created PSA videos that they virtually shared with fellow students as part of a peer review process. Projects examined rising sea levels, wildfires, air pollution, wind energy, deforestation and solar energy, among other topics.

Date Added: 1/24/2022

A Solid Promise

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To further unify the student body at Westhampton Beach Elementary School, members of the school’s student council, in collaboration with the building’s Equity Team, created a schoolwide promise that students recite daily.

The promise is also displayed in the school’s hallway and was signed by all students. It states: “Together, we will treat everyone fairly and with respect. We promise to do our best to be kind to everyone. If we see someone being bullied, we will tell an adult. We promise to create a school where we all feel safe and happy! Together, we will create a school where everyone feels included.”

The pledge coincides with planned monthly character education lessons and activities related to equity and diversity. Driving the initiative are student council members, who will be kicking off the initiative in February with a Diversity Month. The month will include extensive learning about 90 famous African Americans throughout history. Students will be able to access information on these figures by scanning QR codes associated with their profiles, which will be displayed throughout the school. They will also be making a paper “diversity chain” featuring images of themselves.

“We are so proud of our students for embracing the promise,” said Principal Jeremy Garritano. “We believe this initiative, along with the creative input from our student council members, will truly make a difference.”

Date Added: 1/21/2022

A Native American Lesson

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Westhampton Beach Elementary School fourth graders learned about the life and history of Native Americans during a Journeys into American Indian Territory program on Jan. 19. During the event, students explored Native American artifacts in a museum set up in the school’s gymnasium. The museum included items such as Native American clothing, dolls and pottery.

Date Added: 1/20/2022

Westhampton Beach Elementary presents ‘Snow Biz’

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Fifth grade students at Westhampton Beach Elementary School presented an amazing performance of the musical “Snow Biz” on Jan. 13. The production, directed by music teacher Alexandra Gogas, featured scenes and skits depicting winter activities, including making snow angels and snowballs. All students had an opportunity to have their own singing or speaking role.

Date Added: 1/14/2022

No Place For Hate

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New activities surrounding kindness, unification and student leadership are taking shape at Westhampton Beach High School through membership in the No Place for Hate initiative.

The program provides interactive training and tools for students to take charge in the fight against bullying and bias. Already this year, four student members of the district’s Equity Committee teamed up with broadcast students to create a video about the No Place for Hate Pledge, which all students signed. Art students are also doing their part. They created large displays that feature the No Place for Hate logo.

“The program fits in perfectly with character education initiatives that we already have in place,” said Assistant Principal Kerry Pillittier. “We are proud of our students for stepping up and embracing No Place for Hate.”

Date Added: 1/11/2022